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Bizon is a Polish brand offering products of European quality

For more than thirty years, we have been manufacturing staples, nails, screws and other fasteners used by professionals in a wide range of industries, from furniture and woodworking to construction and automotive industry.

Our story began in 1985, when the company's founder, Piotr Komierowski, opened the BIZON Mechanical Plant in Warsaw and started the production of office staples. Already in 1987, it was necessary to significantly expand the production area and start the construction of a hall in Piaseczno. The collapse of the Polish People's Republic and the opening of the borders allowed the company to start cooperation with the German manufacturer of BeA tools and create the BizeA company, which became the sole distributor for both companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

The following years gave room for the dynamic development of the BIZON brand. In 1992, the first machine for the production of tape staples was put into operation, in 1994 the first high-speed press for the production of staples came into operation and in 2005 the first line for gluing the staple tape.

Graphics, Author: Marian Nowiński 1990
Image, Author: Marian Nowiński 1990

In 2008, market demand prompted our company to expand into the production of nails, and just a year later - the production of wire. As a result, we gained control over the entire fastener manufacturing process, from the production of wire from metallurgical raw material to staples, pins and nails. Subsequent changes, the introduction of new technologies and products also brought about a change of the company's seat, which has been located in Tomice. Further production and storage halls were built there. The complex of production and warehouse facilities designed from scratch, modern machinery, innovative production technology and dynamic, committed staff guarantee the efficient functioning of production, service and distribution

European quality. Fast delivery.

BIZON is today Europe's largest manufacturer of staples, setting new standards through the use of innovative production and technological solutions. Thanks to this, our customers receive the goods immediately, always on time, and most importantly - of the highest quality.

Our fasteners can be found in products almost all over the world.

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