C-ring clips, type CL20x1.8C-ring clips, type CL20x1.8

C-ring clips, type CL20x1.8

Cufflinks for connecting springs and spring fabrics in the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses. Also used to connect covers with the metal frame of car seats. They are great for bag closing and other packaging applications. Varnished in green for the production of artificial Christmas trees. CRAPL version with higher corrosion resistance for the assembly of lightweight gabions. Also used in the production of cages for animals, agricultural and forest fences and connections of razor wires in special fences - prisons, military and railway facilities.

Cuff dimensions: 23.9 x 12; 1.8 mm diameter wire

Material / workmanship:

- NK - electrolytically galvanized steel wire

- GREEN - electro-galvanized steel wire, varnish (other color on request)

- CRAPAL - steel wire, zinc coating with the addition of aluminum is also called "GALFAN"